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Health and Safety

To maintain the well-being of its employees and subcontractors, as well as the communities in which it works, AESI adheres to a number of health and safety guidelines. With a goal of zero workplace incidents, AESI emphasizes a culture of safety in offices and on project sites. Procedures regarding health and safety are continuously established, improved, and enforced in order to achieve this goal.

Sustainability and the Environment

Preserving the environment and its natural resources is of paramount importance to AESI. AESI utilizes a system of best practices related to the environment and enforces these practices across the company. The company prides itself on delivering sustainable solutions that take into account the environmental impact during construction and operation.


When possible, AESI involves itself with the local communities in which it works. AESI often relies on local labor, business, and resources to execute projects. Doing so offers a number of benefits to the local community, such as stimulating the local economy and enhancing the skill sets of the local labor force.

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